About dhbmedia

Digital Marketing - We operate on that thin line between creativity and the "Lagos Yaba-Left"

They say we are creatively Mad! - A part of us think they might be right.

We are not the everyday digital agency that solely deals in media buying and selling. Our core expertise is developing digital media campaigns for you that engages your target Audience. We believe everybody can buy media, but only a few can develop campaigns around your brand with the desired target Audience in mind - giving you that amazing ROI on your advertising spend

We pride ourselves as having some of the most sought-after professionals in the industry working at dhbmedia. Our sole objective is to focus on our clients and their laid down marketing objectives. Develop strategies that would offer the required engagement towards the Brand and give that overall "where did they come from" effect

The Digital Strategy

Some of our clients work with us to reinvent their online presence and content management operations, others to formulate their enterprise digital strategy, and some hire us to build high-impact data visualizations. Whatever your situation calls for, we're ready to help you achieve your digital goals.

Our focus is always on your business goals, brand objectives, and audience needs. We have experienced campaign developers and strategists who can help you define a strategic roadmap for achieving digital maturity.

Our Digital Display strategy embeded into your digital marketing plan comes in several forms, including banner ads, rich media and more. We don't just rely only on elements such as images, audio and video to communicate an advertising message.

No we don't. We take an insightful look into the Brand message and its call to action content. Its no use having an Ad nobody wants to click

As the world turns towards mobile, it becomes imperative for the Brands to take their services to where the Audience reside. Our Digital Mobile strategy embedded into your digital marketing plan engages the target audience directly on their mobile devices.

We offer them not just the regular Ads but an exciting and engaging brand experience that leads to sales conversion.

Today facebook alone has 19 Million Nigerians on its platform. Our Digital Social strategy embedded into your marketing plan directly engages the social media community in ways that promote brand loyalty and sales conversion.

With carefully developed social media conversation calendars around your brand objective, we trigger a new unique kind of excitement for your target audience

6 Reasons Why...

  • Result Oriented Strategic Digital Marketing.
  • Optimize Ads Across Different Platforms.
  • A Platform to compete and attract conversions
  • Get connected to the Mobile Customers
  • More Cost-Effective than Traditional Marketing
  • Better ROI for Your Marketing Investments

meet Our Team

IK Ezekwelu

Campaign Development Manager

Ikechukwu eats and sleeps with Marketing campaigns. He is the best in the industry and the most sought-after by other firms but we have him

Dapo Arowa

Digital Marketing Manager

Dapo radiates fun all around him either at work or with clients. He remains one of the best in the Digital Merketing industry.

Enitan Oguntade

Client Account Manager

The boss lady of dhbmedia. All business when its work and fun to be around when its play time. Enitan operates a structured work ethic. A client favourite.

Wale Adeleke

Brand Creative Manager

Undoubtedly one of the best graphics and creative person in the country. Wale creative ideas are simply out of this world with regards Brand loyalty.

We are the Advergame Company

Power your Marketing Campaigns with Games!

Use our Advergame to deliver mobile and cross-platform game Ads for your customers. Easily trackable and fast to deliver. The Regular Advert Banner engages the Audience for a maximum of 30secs. Our Advergame can keep the audience glued to your brand for as much as 5mins. Crazy! Yes! That’s the power of Engagement.

Our Advergame is an effective mobile marketing solution that transforms your brand into an engaging advergame with social competitions. We work closely with you to understand all your needs and transform your Brand into the best Advergame campaign for you and your target Audience

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