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We luv being part of that success story

We love seeing success stories that have happened organically. Sometimes we have new clients come in and say they’ve gotten to where they are without any marketing efforts. And that’s great. But for most businesses, and even for those who’ve had good fortune up until now, the path forward and the road to growth lies within increasing awareness, gaining new customers, or educating current customers about additional services. And that’s where awareness campaigns are essential.

That big idea starts with the definition of the challenge and the creation of a clear brief for everyone involved. If you’re working with an agency, like ours, then a carefully developed Digital marketing brief is a critical step as it will help ensure that there is clarity around what you’re looking to achieve. The development of an effective big idea enables the brand to develop a campaign with a clear creative focus attached to a joined upset of executions that are much more likely to have an impact and resonate with the target audience, providing that expected Return on Investment (ROI), Brand engagement, sales and conversion.

Our First "Area of Focus"

  • What are you looking to achieve? We tend to be clear about what the client ultimately want to achieve by the end of the campaign so there is total clarity and focus. Some clients will want to just simply introduce the brand to the online community. or by creating a buzz and engagement around the brand to generate trial and sales.

  • Who is your audience? It’s important for us to have a clear picture of who the client is looking to target with the campaign. An understanding of who the audience is, including their likes, dislikes, motivations and lifestyles will enable us to craft that big idea accordingly.

The Basic Framework

The test of how well our campaigns will resonate and translate across channels is whether the connection between the insight, the brand and the proposed execution can be distilled clearly and succinctly on one page: Via the following basic framework

  • What will the Campaign be called
  • What is the campaign all about and its target objectives
  • Meaningful role of the Brand/Product/Service from the campaign
  • How will the campaign be brought to the audience (Digital Media Platforms)

Want a Campaign Idea for your next Marketing Campaign?

At dhbmedia, we take a look at your Brand and marketing objectives, then come up with a digital marketing campaign that will not only engage your target audience but also excites.

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it takes purely creativity, audience insight, and a clear focus on the campaign’s objectives.

This is why Brands and Advertising Firms partner with an agency like ours to get awesome results

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